Nell is an excellent personal trainer. She makes working out both fun and extremely effective. Her routines have a lot of variety, and she makes sure exercises are done with correct form. My daughter and I always look forward to our sessions with her.

– Bill McKenna (Adult Strength Coaching Client)

I met Nell through my mom. She taught my mom’s swim class and coached one of my friends. I love soccer and enjoy the footwork but I struggled a bit with my endurance ( Cramps). Nell is the best coach she makes you work hard and pushes you out of your comfort zone. When you train you work hard but you don’t really notice because you’re probably in a conversation about sports, school, vacations, etc. Nell helped me get through my cramps. We did drills that were specific to what I needed. We worked on getting me to run longer distances comfortably and push through any cramps I got. In soccer I noticed a big difference. No more cramps! I could run longer. She isn’t just a coach but a friend. Nell is an amazing coach and has helped me, my mom and my brother. We love Nell for all that she has done for us.

– Ariana (Junior Coaching Client)

I was first introduced to Nell by my little sister. My sister had been training with Nell for a while before I decided to give it a try. Immediately I knew it was a fit for me. Her straightforward approach is easy to follow. While coaching my sister and me, Nell pushes us to our limit while still making it fun and incorporating new and interesting workouts. Nell got me into scholastic running sports. During my eighth grade year, I started track and field. With Nell’s training I improved drastically, cutting times by minutes. Then in my freshman year I took up cross country. I can’t say I enjoyed running the long distances but it was great for my health and fitness. Overall Nell has helped me get involved in scholastic sports and she has trained me to get fitter and healthier.

– Aidan (Junior Coaching Client)

I first met Nell when she began teaching a masters swim class I regularly attended. I loved Nell’s personality, she was always warm, smiling and laughing and seemed to effortlessly coax me to push harder than I thought I could.

At the time, my daughter was 10 and wanted to work on endurance for soccer. I knew Nell worked with kids so I asked if she’d be interested. After watching, and glomming onto, a few of my daughter’s sessions, I was hooked. I wanted to learn more! I had been running recreationally since college but was clueless about technique.

I had come off a string of injuries and was frustrated that after moving to elevation and starting triathlon, my run was slow. With Nell’s coaching, I now know how to do track workouts and speed work. I continue to work on getting speedier and am having a ton of fun doing it! My sessions with Nell are one of the highlights of my week. As I tell anyone who will listen, “I love Nell!”

– Shannan (Adult Triathlete Coaching Client)