RISE Athletics – Junior Training

RISE Athletics is our junior training program, designed for middle school to high school runners, jumpers, and throwers. We capitalize on explosive power, Speed, Strength, and form. Our training is based on the following principles:

Program Objective

The objective of the Catalyst Program is to improve explosive power, pure foot speed, and speed endurance for competition in any track or field event from 60 meters to 5000 meters. These physical skills are developed in parallel with essential motivation and mental preparation through visualization techniques.

Training Premise

The fundamental premise of “Off-Season” Training Programs is that essential training “happens before the season starts”. This approach allows “In-Season” high school practices to become more productive, progressive, and performance-oriented, rather than conditioning or transitional, and allows the athlete to focus on appropriate in-season competitive skills. Our commitment is to help each athlete achieve his or her highest performance levels in preparation for short and long term competitive endeavors.

Goal Setting

Nell’s “Goal Setting” process provides the structure, process, and context for training and competing. We document and modify the goals accordingly throughout the season and focus on the process necessary to achieve the goal.

Planning Meetings

As part of the Catalyst Program, Nell will meet with each athlete to review and develop his or her short and long term goals. For most of you, we now have more performance data to evaluate and we should be able to develop more precise goals for the upcoming seasons.

College Select

As an essential component of the Catalyst Program, Nell provides her expertise in the college selection process. Nell’s objective is to assist high school athletes in their college-selection and admissions process. No two athletes are alike in this endeavor, so Nell will take the time to navigate the application, follow-up, and decision making from developing an initial list to writing letters of recommendation and all phases in between.

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