How am I Going to Get Faster?

2014 was the last time that training was a priority for me. I was a young SUPER inspired triathlete and all I wanted to do was train and be poor. Since then a couple things have changed in my attitude; I wanted to be completely independent and set myself up to someday have a family and money enough to travel and be happy. The motivation to be great has never gone away. Since my recent success as a marathoner I have been working on carving out time for proper training and proper recovery (still executing this- IT’S HARD). I have realized that I am the only one who can make this decision for myself. I’m the only one who can say “no” to work opportunities and social events that will not benefit my training. As a person who has always said “yes”, this is the biggest obstacle. So…how am I going to get faster? A question I get a lot. I’m going to say “No” for the next 5 months. In the long run, I think this will pay off.